About Gogoginaclothing

   Many companies and online stores claim to have “custom designs” that are actually made in factories overseas. That’s not unique at all! Using my history as a costume maker for massive runway presentations, photoshoots, international fashion magazine work and music videos, I created Gogoginaclothing to provide wearable art in the form of truly unique handmade clothing.

   I started sewing when I was 4 years old and learned entirely on my own, without schooling. I enjoyed making my own patterns, even briefly working for “Boy of London” for a short while. Some of my favorite designs are extremely unconventional – they can be worn upside down or backwards and still look great.

   Many of my designs are sometimes hand-dyed or use hand-carved woodblock stamps to make custom patterns on the fabric. These woodblock stamps are used traditionally in India, Indonesia and many other regions of Eastern Asia and have been around for centuries. Not only are many of these pieces block printed by hand, I carve many of these woodblocks myself to create a truly custom look. I also like to use vintage fabrics to make new wearable clothing, as it gives an even more unique touch to each item. Some of the material I use dates back as far as the 1920’s.

   My clothing has been worn by many musicians: Pat Benatar (singer), Terri Nunn (band – Berlin), Mick Taylor (band – The Rolling Stones), Leah Martin-Brown (band – Evol Walks), Juliet Piper (singer), Steven Drozd (band – The Flaming Lips), Toni Basil (singer/dancer), Kitten Kuroi (singer/songwriter), Steven Perkins (band – Jane’s Addiction), Matt Forger (music engineer, Penelope Spheeris (film), Anna Spheeris (film), Mitzi Kapture (actress), Izabella St James (model), Sheena Gao (stylist/violinist), Chuck Norris (actor), Allan Thick (actor) and many others.

   As you might imagine, each piece is impossible to replicate given the one-of-a-kind materials used in their creation. This is not a factory, these are all made by one person – me. Each item you see is the only one of its kind made, and always will be.